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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I Passed (like finally)

This morning i got nose bleed before i had breakfast wtf..
And i bleed through my breakfast
and it only stopped after i reach my office..
Then i went and have curry for my lunch..
So i'm having sore throat now..
Body too heaty..
I think my nose bleed coz i had VERY thick milo..
Last night..
Before bed time..
So yeah..
Other people have period once a month,
my nose bleed once a month..

Yesterday i passed my driving test..
All 3 of us did not bribe ok..
This morning my Mrs.Boss asked me,
"Passed already?"
So i was like yeah i passed..
What she said was
"Finally passed? hahhahahahahahahaha"..
I am a legal driver now :D
The first thing i did was to claim my lolipop from The Strange..
But she told me she ate it coz she was emo the other day..
Oh and when i reach home after the test yesterday,
my mom told us about a dream she had..
She dreamt that my bro SECRETLY drove
with me all the way to Johor..
And when we came back the front and rear bumper was like
broken and dropping off or something..
My dad couldn't agree any faster..
He said it's true coz me and my bro are always up to no good..
What parents..

Oh i accidentally hung up on a customer wtf..
He called and asked for Mrs.Boss..
So i told him to hold and
instead of passing the line i hung up wtf wtf..
What the hell is wrong with me..

Q - How do you make Lady Gaga cry?
A - Poke Her Face..
I laugh everytime i hear this hahahaha..
And the commercial i saw the other day was from Halls and not Mentos..

p/s : Jaslyn Khew you owe me sweet.. :D

Update : a dude just called me xiao mei wtf..
The next person who calls me xiao mei or whatever
that is of the same meaning will eat dust..

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