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Friday, 30 July 2010

I WON RM250,000..

But before that...
I dl-ed Kim Possible tone..
The one where it beeps and she goes "What's the stitch"..
I feel surprisingly excited when my phone rings..
hahahahaha retard..
My neighbour's house is finally done and cemented..
Nicely done..

So now whenever I'm outside and she calls for me,
i can just squat down and hide from her
instead of running inside and falling flat on my face wtf..
Not like it has happened before la..
But accidents do happen..
FYI I'm not those kind of people who are anti social
and hates to talk to the neighbour..
She is those type of people who is seriously damn busybody..
She talks bad about everyone too..

Cute right? Cute right?
Yesterday went to the pasar malam to buy some food..
We (jas+me) saw these pau's and went
"damn cute aww" *pushes everyone away..
Hahahaha.. Actually we went over and see and bought it for Rm7..
The lady said her son is not making it anymore coz going to Taiwan..
They were on the paper! But it was last year end' paper..
For the first time i ate Korean rice cake..
And the dude that is selling seriously is a korean..
That rice cake thingy is quite nice wtf craving for more..
Oh i saw Pn.Carol Lau there..
She called me Sam hahaha..
And she remembered me adding her in Fb..
But up til now she didn't accept me =.="..

The Rm250,000 is a scam..
Or i think so la ok..
See the letter on the top left?
That was the first letter i received which was few days ago..
Then yesterday i received an email when i was at work..
I reached home and i saw a bunch of documents wtf..

(click to enlarge ya)

Sorry la need to censor the address..
What if i have a(few) stalkers?
Or someone thinks i really won the money and plans to rob me?
Think too much wtf..

This was the email..

I actually forgot to censor my address wtf..
Then i had to reupload lol..
I did not key in those..
It was already there when i clicked to this page..

NO,Don't say no...

I talked to my best friend regarding this..
And the results are,
1. This is a scam..
2. This is a scam..
3. This is a scam..
1. If this is real it would've been on the newspaper..
2. I don't even read Reader's Digest..
3. I looked at the website there is not traces of this contest or whatsoever..
4. On all the documents there is only one contact number
on one of the document there..
5. No one called to inform..
So yea it's a scam..

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