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Monday, 5 July 2010

I wonder..

Sometimes i wonder why i wonder about so much stuff..
And why am i so childish wtf..
No wonder i can mix with my 10year old cousin so well..
And they had actually asked me before why am i so childish..
*sia sueh*
Maybe coz i have a scarred childish..
Well, not really la lol..

And i shall try my best not pick on peoples spelling error..
Coz not everyone appreciate it..
Waste my time to correct them..

Wah that dude with the name Josh speak english damn pro..
I like to hear people speak proper english..
(besides ang mo and their weird accent la)

Yesterday we (bro + sis + me) went to Times Square..
My stupid sister actually bought SS501 Destination album for Rm119..
If my parents know they would kill her..
The little girl was helping her parents..
About 10 i think but damn chunted la..
Hard working and damn smart in doing business wtf..
But she had to keep rubbing it in that
there is not much S.H.E. stuff there and stuff like that..
In the end i got 4posters, 1set of poker cards, and 1box(?)
of stickers..
All the stuff there are korean stuff but no F(x)..
Saw this parent with her kids (2girl+1boy)..
And they're all crazy over Super Junior..
I just don't get it..
What's so great about Super Junior?
Someone please answer me..

I also wanna know if i seriously dress up like a small kid..
Some lady called me xiao mei mei (small girl) yesterday..
Seriously eh..
Which part of me looks xiao to you?
And she had to shout so loudly "xiao mei mei"..
Should've answered her "What xiao? Your nen nen la xiao"..
Someone answer me this ok..

p/s : eh eh for the FIRST time TNB so efficient..
Not bad ah..

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