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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Last Night,

I cut my own hair..
Actually just one small part..
Above my ears and fringe..
Fringe is getting too long..
Feel like taking hairstyling class..
And also chinese class..

Grandma : Wing buy what car?
Parents : He bought a Celica..
Grandma : Why they call it Chilly Car?

Saw that when i was browsing through a blog..
Me being me forgot which blog it was..
Old people..
Oh oh yesterday i was listening to one korean song
from the band 2NE1..
The song was Fire or something there this dance, it was really stupid..
And the lead singer is called CL and
she is cock eyed..
So i tried to imitate her wtf..
My sis laughed like a crazy person and suggested,
" Eh do that again, I'll record and post on YouTube
and you'll be famous"

Btw there is this new tvc..
From Mentos if i'm not mistaken..
OMG funny sial..
I was laughing like a banshee so damn loud wtf..
And my mom stared at me like i lost my mind..
So now i'm looking forward too seeing that tvc again..
New goal in my life wtf..

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