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Saturday, 3 July 2010


Argentinavs.Germany-3 Jul 10:00pm (Malaysia (Kuching))
Paraguayvs.Spain-4 Jul 2:30am (Malaysia (Kuching)

Tonight must watch..
Got my beloved Germany..

-S.H.E. Da Nv Ren Zhu Yi-
And i love this song..
They look so hot..
They're gonna hold a concert in Sydney..
YAY!! wtf not like i can go..

Yesterday i did something good..
(in the process of doing so get cheated off Rm2 wtf)

This morning i ate Chocolate Indulgence which i bought last night..
And i end up on the toilet producing one look alike wtf..
I'm starting to hate Chocolate Indulgence..
Too sweet wtf..
Every time i eat i get sore throat..
Just like this morning..

Parents will be back on Monday morning..
So i slept in my dads' bed last night..
Wake up feeling like crap wtf..
Whole back paining like siao..
Sleeping on the floor won't feel so bad wtf..
Wonder why he likes to sleep on hard bed..

Oh the pictures that i forgotten to post up..
The famous fugitive/kidnapped pose..

I seriously wonder how she managed to fall asleep wtf..
Damn pro sial..
If you ask me to sleep lidat i will die..

Wtf suddenly sneeze 5 times in a row..
I read somewhere that when you feel like sneezing but you can't,
just look at some light..
Forgot why la but it's something about sensitivity and connectivity wtf..
I tried it before and it really works..
Damn chunted..

Dreamt of the leng chai last night..
But stupid alarm clock rang wtf..
Then had another dream which was quite nice..
And my mom called from Johor to wake me up wtf..

I think i have Carpal (singh) tunnel syndrome wtf..
My left thumb..

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