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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I got my P already..
Yesterday went to practice with auto car
and my mom was freaking out again LOL..

It seems like has changed to a new layout?
I have 2emails but how come one is still with the old layout
whereas the other one is the new layout?

I can use the messenger but it keeps crashing on me..
Sorry Christine..

My very orange pair of (pasar malam) Crocs..
Wore it to work yesterday..
Black and orange so do not match wtf..

Saturday morning around 8am..
Saturday at afternoon around 1.30pm..
Saturday evening around 6pm..
Sunday evening around 4pm..
My neighbour is renovating..
But only the outside la..
She said this to me,

Her : "You should've asked your friends to come over,
then we have more space (refer 1st pic)"
Me : *weak smile*

Every sunday (if i have no plans) i would follow my mom to the market..
Not by force well erm..
Sometimes i force my mom to wake me up lol wtf..
So yea..
For the first time i saw a dead fish with another fish in its mouth..
Means the fish died while it was eating..

See the little fish tail in the mouth..
When i told The Strange and The Retarded One about
the fish in another fish thingy they were so excited and
asked me if i took pictures..

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