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Monday, 16 August 2010

민선예 , 김유빈

Last Friday went to my first bazaar ramadhan with my sis..
Bought quite alot of food..
There's Laksa, bihun sup daging, satay ayam& daging,
nasi himpit (in other words it's ketupat),
murtabak, roti boom, karipap, keropok lekor,
ayam penyet, ayam in satay sauce and that kuih
which I love but don't know the name.
When we were there everything smells nice..
But when we came home everything tastes weird..
Maybe because we were too hungry so it smells nice..
That place is not that big and the food are all almost the same..
Most common ones' are murtabak and ayam penyek..
Don't think i'll go back anytime soon..

My first Korean celeb crush wtf..
Kim Yoo Bin

Stage Name: Yoo Bin (유빈)
Name: Kim Yoo Bin (김유빈)
Nickname: BoNoBoNo (Korean cartoon)
Birthdate: October 4th, 1988
School: Myongji University (movie musical)
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: O
Religion: Christianity
Duration of Training: 2 years
Speciality: Scuba, swimming
Hobbies: Listening to music, collecting CD
Favourite Food: Salad, raw fish, fresh apples
Favorite Artist: Eve, Lauryn Hill
Ideal type: Person who is passionate about everything

I Love love love this song..
The way YooBin raps..

I hate listening to korean songs last time..
Mainly coz i can't understand..
The first korean band that i paid attention to was F(x)..
My friend introduced them to me..
Then it was SS501 coz their leader Kim Hyun Joong was in Boys Over Flower..
My sis was so in love in with him and bought all SS501 stuff wtf..
Even my bro was listening to them..
Then my bro gila DBSK wtf..
And now my sis gila Wonder Girls..
She made me gila Wonder Girls too wtf..
Initially my fave was Sun-Ye, the leader coz she's just so captivating..
But Yoo Bin was just too cute/hot/sexy and i heart her voice..
Actually i heart both their voices..

Stage name: Sun Ye (선예)
Full name: Min Seon Yeh (민선예)
Nickname: Leader, Min Jookie, SsoNye
Birthdate: August 12th, 1989
School: Korea Art High School, Dongguk University (acting)
Height: 162cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: A
Religion: Christianity
Duration of Training: 5 years 6 months
Debut: 2001 SBS’s 99% Challange!
Specialty: Vocal, Choreography, Poppin’, Street, Chinese language
Hobbies: Movies, music appreciation, sports, health
Favorite Artist: Beyonce, Yiruma
Favorite Stars: Johnny Depp, Jessica Alba
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Ddeokbokgi (spicy rice cakes), Ice Cream
Favorite Quote: If you do it, it’s done
Ideal Type: Attends church, strong sense of responsibility and honesty

(L - R)
Ye Eun,Park Yeh Eun (박예은)
So Hee,Ahn So Hee (안소희)
Sun Ye,Min Seon Yeh (민선예)
Sun Mi,Seon Mi (선미)
Yoo Bin,Kim Yoo Bin (김유빈)
When i still couldn't remember their name i refer to them as -
the one who look like Selina, the one my sibling don't like,
the hot one, the one who look like Ong Ching Yee, the cute one..
Sun Mi has left Wonder Girls and the one who replaced her is
Yu Hae Lim she's so ugly and i refuse to post her pic here..
She is known as the FUGLY one by us,
coz the word ugly is understatement..
I wanna anti So Hee coz she gets more screen time
compared to Sun-Ye and YooBin..
YooBin should have more screen time!!!
Me and my sis wants start a petition on that..
Sun-Ye and YooBin are the best singer in WonderGirls..
I sound so bimbotic wtf..

Korean Bbq @ Ss2 for lunch on Sunday..
Coz sis is into Korean stuff..
Korean rice cake..
Hot Noodle..

They even gave us complimentary egg thingy..
We were seriously damn bloated after lunch..
The portion was so damn big..
We didn't expect it to be so much wtf..
And the total bill?
Just for lunch, for 2 person wtf..
Mama will kill us..
2 weeks from now (after i get my pay) i wanna go Times Sq..

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