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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

원더걸스, 사랑해요

I wanted to post gif files but was too lazy..
Coz have to host the files somewhere wtf..
And I'm afraid my browser will crash if i go there wtf..
I realise i have this habit, of obsession hmm..
Hard to explain wtf..

Like these..
Now my wall paper is YooBin and screensaver is SunYe..
I always change my wallpaper/screensaver of my phone
depending on who i like at that time..
Previously there was WanChean, Zee, Nike, AstroBoy,
and so on and so forth la..
But the other phone only for S.H.E.. xD
Just like how i change my header but S.H.E. will always remain..

Today is known as emo/pms day..
Coz 3 of us emo and mood swing for almost the whole day wtf..
But at least i still have the thread that is dedicated to YooBin..
I have new things to obsessed at..Yay!
(besides my hair wtf..)

Oh about the mood swing thingy..
Dahlah i bad mood..
Then, a song this freaking ridiculous guy they call "singer"..
His name?
Lu Kuang Zhong or some shit like that..
His face?

His voice is OhMyGoodnessGraciousMe..
He sound so damn bad it's like someone has constipation
for like 3months but keeps trying to force the shit out..
And the song that was on?
It's even more annoying than that face of his..
I seriously wanted to smash the radio..
For the first time i actually almost walk there and turn off the radio..
Why i didn't do that? Coz i was busy with the thread, Tq..
Seriously, the cat at the back alley giving birth sounds better than him..

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