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Wednesday, 25 August 2010


2.46pm, my supplier is at the arcade wtf..
How did i know?
Coz i called him wanting to order stuff..
It was freaking noisy then i heard one familiar sound..
"Mon..mon..mon..mon..mon..Monster King"
It's been forever since i've been to an arcade wtf..
So long that i cant remember when was that..
Should be around last year end or beginning of this year..
Damn syok..
How i wish i can have his job..

Have i mentioned how much i love to flaunt my perfect bahasa?
Any chance i get i will speak bahasa..
I feel so damn proud when i speak to malays and they compliment my bahasa..
But i feel so damn embarassed when i cant speak proper chinese wtf..
I have to think twice or thrice before i speak..
Or else the sound that come out will be weird FML..
I must learn how to write/read chinese and korean before i turn 25(?)
Which gives me 5years..
(Most probably not gonna happen though)

For the first time in like 2years i'm kinda hating my hair right now..
Don't know what to do with it anymore..
The weather is getting hotter and hotter..
I just feel like shaving all my hair off wtf..
When i wax they complain..
When i dont wax that say like siao lang..
When i pin my hair they laugh..
Wtf do they want?
I cant go around pleasing you all the time..

Terrible mood swing recently okay..
Maybe coz i haven't seen my friends for like 2months wtf..
I need to get out more often man..
My life is now worse than that of a 50year old man..

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