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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Did i mention that ...

I'm afraid of the dark..
I love to eat spaghetti. (craving now)..
I am very childish at times..
I love to annoy my mama a lot haha..
I hate Horlicks or condensed milk which is diluted (do i make sense?)..
I love to see water splash..
Something like the one below..
I love to play in the rain..
I love the pork belly soup my mama makes..
I love my mama's cooking..
I hate egg plan..
I love BMW 7series especially the back light..
I'm afraid of thunder and lightning since i was a kid..
(mama told me)
I have loads of white hair..
I love to touch my hair..
I love Brigitte Lin..
I like to watch Deannie Yip Tak Han..
I use google to search for anything and everything..
I love eggs and tofu..
I choke on fish bone almost every time i had fish..
I like dimples though i have none..
I love orange colour so much that
i bought a size 8 slipper even though 7 is big enough..
I like all those bouncy balls every time i wanna get one
my mom nags me and asks me how old am I..
I wanted to buy one of those egg vending machine from 1U,
but its a small one and its for sweets..
I am weird at times..
I've been in love with S.H.E since 2003? (Superstar album)
Super long coz usually i only like an artiste for like a year or less..
My ingrown nail is not cured and i think i have to operate wtf..
I use wtf alot, in every post there are at least 2 wtf..
I am the kuli of my work place..
I am also the "technician" of this place..
I once had a tiny stone (like those in your bladder)
but the thing is it's on the bottom part of my mouth (inside)..
I tried to google for pics but couldn't get any..
But i saw one pic which is freaking disgusting..
My scalp is itching like crazy and i got goosebumps..
I am very disgusted with worms and lizards..
If anyone ever tried to scare me with one i will beat the crap out of you..
I once saw a video of a man who have maggots in his head..
If disgusts me to the max..
Itch all over the body, feeling nausea damn it..
Just like now crap..
But i wanna find out what it is wtf..
I am weird like that..
I have parents that can cook awesome food..
I am in love with ORANGE colour..
I love Vitamin C.. ='(

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William said...

I feel for you on Horlicks watered-down milk.