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Monday, 9 August 2010


Damn cute right?
I had my first GCB today coz i was too lazy to go for lunch..
And I have been wanting to try it since i first saw the Tvc..
My first thought was the same as the comic..
Which is "look cincai made one"..
But it didn't look oily..
I smells quite good..
First bite..
*chew chew chew*
Freaking nice..
Seriously nice..
The meat was tender and nice..
The sauce, vege, mayo omgoodness..
Nicely done..
I've heard from my bro that his friend said it's not nice..
Don't trust him and his friends..
Cannot be trusted..
They have rotten tongues, unlike mine..
I think everyone knows that I am picky about food..
Not the atmosphere or what but the taste..
Which is why I don't eat at Old Town White Coffee..
Coz the food there sucks balls..
Everyone should head over to McD and try the new GCB..
I heard it's limited time only wtf..
Must have it again..

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