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Friday, 13 August 2010

Happy 007!

The one in English sounds better,
friendlier, funnier..
While the one in BM sounds so dull..
And also dead..

I saw one person wrote in mylifeisaverage that
if you translate James Bond on Google translate
it will show you 007.
So i went and try.
Turns out its true LOL WTF..

Watched her show the other day..
My sis was gets pissed at me everytime i mention
"Let's watch this", while holding the Brigitte Lin dvd..

Today somehow my CBox wont load..
I went to other blog pages it loads perfectly,
mine just won't load no matter how many times i refresh wtf..

Wanted to repost a new CBox but this is what i saw..

All other blog' CBox can load besides this one and mine..
What the heck is the problem la..

WonderGirls - Tell Me
We're kinda hooked on korean songs recently..
Sis bought a WonderGirls dvd..
We watch it like almost every single day..
Don't mind the bad vocal coz 2 of them were sick at that time..
The main focus is the lady at 3.50. - Nam Gyuri..
Walao eh so damn pretty and demure ok..

I love Sun-Ye (damn hot) & Yu-Bin (damn cute) from WonderGirls..
Go listen to their So Hot..
I used to don't listen to korean/japanese songs..
Coz i don't understand..
I only listen to chinese songs and english songs..
But now i can accept korean songs d coz their beat is nice..
BUT i hate SuperJunior wtf..
Damn gay and damn lame..
SS501 is still acceptable..
Too bad the beat Korean band,
DBSK/TVXQ/TVfXQ/동방신기 has disbanded..
But Xiah,Micky and Hero has formed a new band..
Calling themselves JYJ - Jun-Su,Yu-Chun,Jae-Joong..
Haven't heard their songs but my bro said it's quite nice..
Maybe i should ask from him..

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