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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Got my pay like 2days ago..
Last months pay more or less Rm1000+ coz i took a few days off
for the stupid driving test..
  • Rm300 for mama..
  • Rm100 for car..
  • Rm200 give mama keep in bank..
  • Rm60 for phone reload..
  • Rm90 for daily necessities..
  • Bye Bye Rm750..

    Yesterday my dad and bro was not around..
    I of course wanted to enjoy at least once a month..
    Initial suggestion was
  • Chili's wtf..
  • Pizza Hut
  • Kfc
  • McDonalds ='(
    Mama no likey fast food..
    Since mama loves to eat crab we decided on that..
    This place is in Taman Mega(h?)..
    It's the same side as Cake Sense..
    Down the road after the lorong i think..
    Restoran Gembira if not mistaken..
    Had a nice dinner..
    I miss the crab and the mantao OMG damn mouth watering..
    *wipes saliva off face*
    Had crab, one plate of vege, 3bowl of shark fin soup,
    3mantao,(not the normal ones,seriously damn nice ok)
    one plate of rice, 3cup of drinks..

  • Total = Rm100.70 (or was it Rm107)
    I am not one of thosebrats who have their parents to pay for them to enjoy..
    Me and my sis split the bill..
    See my mom is so fortunate to have us as kids..
    Btw their shark fin soup is only Rm8.80..
    Tastes so damn good ok..
    Unlike the "taufu soup" thingy that i had at
    One Noodle which sucked by the way..
    It was so damn little and so not tasty at all..
    Same price le..

  • Total = Rm750 + Rm 50 = Rm800..
    Rm1000+ - Rm800 = Rm200+
    Bye bye Neway,RedBox,Times Square,
    Dessert Bro,dinner,Mcd,Kfc,Pizza,pasar mlm..

    Few weeks ago me my sis and parents went to One Noodle (Ss2)..
    As usual my bro run off to be with his friend..
    The reason we went there was because
    their fried(?) spring chicken was featured on Ho Chak
    ( a food program on 8tv)..
    Mama wants to try it out so we went..
    But it turned out to be VERY ORDINARY..
    Actually is even more ordinary than ordinary..
    The worse part is THE SERVICE SUCKS BALLS
    (except for one lady named Karen, she was an ok)..
    Especially the stupid manager
    one blardee fat ass chinese guy
    face worse than a hybrid of banana + arowana
    and his lips looks as if you can hang 3tonne of meat there..
    He was screaming at this waitress in the public wtf..
    Thing like
    "I am the manager, what i say you MUST follow"..
    "Do you believe i will fire you?"..
    In a very rude and loud tone ok..
    These people never learned customer service..
    He thinks as if the rank manager is so damn high..
    And if those customer pays with credit card (rich la kononnya)
    he will bring the receipt up..
    But if you pay by cash you have to go downstairs at the counter wtf..

    p/s:boss's friend bought Haagen Dazs ice-cream for me yesterday..
    e bought over Rm100 wtf..
    And one dude came in to sell some coupons again..
    Just like the one from The Chicken Rice Shop,which i got cheated wtf..
    The coupon just went to waste wtf not even used once..
    I did not get cheated this time..
    I got turned off by their very bad english,
    they stutter and refuses to speak in Bm..
    Is it so embarassing to speak in your mother's tongue?
    Do i look like i can't understand Bm?
    Adalah wajib untuk rakyat Malaysia untuk berbahasa melayu..
    Sekian, Terima Kasih..

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