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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hebe "flying solo", H.I.M hide her face to keep fans curious.

S.H.E's Hebe is finally "flying solo"
releasing her individual album which has been in production for two years,
however H.I.M are trying to be mysterious.
Online, there has been a 30 second preview clip circulating,
which doesn't reveal the girl's eyes,
nor is there a name attached to this clip,
but as soon as fans heard it,
they knew who that unique singing voice belonged it.

This clip called "A girl who loves singing, a song about love"
has been circulating online.
Its simple shots show a girl with long flowing hair,
but doesn't show her face yet her graceful vocals
have attracted lots of attention.|
Even though fans have already discovered
who this mysterious person is,
H.I.M are still persistent,
"We've seen this clip and think this girl sings really well,
we believe that with her talents, she will be
a real competitor among this summer's female singers."

H.I.M. has been deliberately using these tactics
to create suspense and anticipation for their "half-new artist"
but as soon as fans heard her pronounce "shi jie" (meaning: world),
they were immediately certain that it was Hebe.
Netizens have been searching all over the internet
and have now gathered that the song is called "Love?",
the album will be released at the beginning of September,
Golden Melody Best Album Cover Designer,
Nie Yong Zhen designed the cover,
the album will come with a 330 The Wall Concert DVD
as well as many other details.
In regards to this, H.I.M continues to deny everything.

S.H.E. are still continuing their world tour but H.I.M has already
made many plans for them as they all continue their individual pursuits,
Ella is acting, Selina is hosting while it has been rumoured since 2008
that Hebe will be releasing a solo album.
Each has their own arena but they have no plans to disband and fly solo.

Source: UDN Translated by catalie @ Indonesian translation:
starrynite @ S.H.E. IFC

"A girl who loves singing, a song about love"

I love you, you love her, she loves her, she loves him
You love me, I love him, he loves him, he loves her
Eh, how come in this world, nobody loves each other?
How come in this world, everyone is unhappy?
How come in this world, everyone loves somebody else,
But not themselves?

"Who is this singing?
Coming soon."

Exciting or what?
I know i am very the excited..
The other day i was just wondering about this..
Coz when SHERO came out there were news that
Hebe will come out with a solo album this year..
I've heard the clip on MyFm before..
But i didn't listen to it carefully.. =x
I thought it sounded familiar but couldn't point it out..
Then i saw this news and i was like OMG!!
So just now when the radio was playing the clip i paid 110% attention to it..
I guess it is Hebe huh..
Coz the voice.. <3>
The person in the clip looks like her even though no eyes..
Her nose undeniably look the same..
I went through her pictures to compare the teeth..
I am 99.99% sure it's her..
If it's not then i will just jump off KLCC..

Justin Bieber.
This thing here makes me confuse..
Everytime I listen to songs on radio i have to listen very carefully..
Just to i don't get the gender wrong wtf..
Now i cant differentiate male and female voices..

From here.
Me: "Apparently Justin Bieber plays a bad boy in CSI…
I guess he gets arrested or goes to juvie or something?"
Dad: "That’s a stretch. What did he do to get there,
hit someone with his purse?"

p/s : I had another GCB for dinner :x

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