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Sunday, 15 August 2010

I Hope My Boss Sees This.

Very Less
Our Communication - Wireless
Our Dress - Topless
Our Telephone - Cordless
Our Cooking - Fireless
Our Youth - Jobless
Our Labour - Effortless
Our Conduct - Worthless
Our Relation - Loveless
Our Attitude - Careless
Our Feeling - Heartless
Our Politics - Shameless
Our Education - Valueless
Our Follies - Countless
Our Argument - Baseless
Our Boss - Brainless
Our Job - Thankless
Our Salary - Veryless

A car is about to go through a tunnel.
Imagine that you are driving this car.
What will you want to see after you come out of the tunnel?

A. Ocean
B. Snow Landscape
C. Small Town
D. Mountains
E. More Tunnels

Answer 1st before u see the answer . . .
Pick an answer and scroll down

A. Ocean
You tend to spend money rather than save.
When you see something you want,
you will buy it without thinking it through.
You have a good sense of your needs vs. wants,
but because of your showy nature,
you frequently end up buying something that
is more expensive than you need!

B. Snow Landscape
You are a romantic and a dreamer.
You often feel theneed to save money,
but you are quite forgetful and have a tendency
of losing your wallet and valuables.
Instead of wasting energy on trying to make a fortune,
you should be really focusing on money management.

C.Small Town
You are a clear headed introvert.
You know the importance and value of saving money
and will continue to do so throughout your life.
You are never wasteful,
and therefore leisure activites are never a high priority.
Because of your conservatism,
sometimes you miss out on money making opportunities.
Don't forget you need to risk some money
to make even more money!

D. Mountains
You are good at saving money.
Although you don't like cutting expenses,
you always seems to have achunk of money ready for use.
You also know how to spend money.
You have the nerve to spend alarge amount of money,
if it's neccesary.

E. More Tunnels
You have a strong sense of money and talent in making money.
You will risk some money for the chance to earn a big reward.
You may become rich through the stock market or the lottery.
In the meantime,
your spending won't be small,
and if you try to savemoney,
you can be very well off.

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