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Monday, 23 August 2010

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I am such a boring person today wtf..
From the moment i step into the office the work
non-stop flowing in..
Recently i have this thing called "writers block" wtf..
I cannot even post properly FML..

I did not manage to pre-order the album wtf..
Coz there was a minor war at my house yesterday..
I heard the second song from the album on radio today..
I am not biased coz the song seriously very nice..
It's only open for pre-order til 3rd Oct i think..
Let's just hope i get to order it this weekend..

I have learned how to write her name in chinese..
Somehow i feel this pic is so damn seducing wtf..
I like her cute nose and also her straight teeth..
JYP is seriously damn unfair to her..
Her parts are like so little..
SoHee who can't really sing gets more part than YooBin wtf..
And i don't even think SoHee is cute..
Even HaeLim gets more part wtf..
Unfair unfair!!

Ya'll should watch this video..
OMG that small kid cute daoooooooooo..
Can faint XD
I think i might be too hungry wtf..
I am smelling food in the office padahal there's no food in the office..

Edit : i found the one with embeded code..
And with translation..
Oh how cute the baby is..
And YooBin love kids alot..

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