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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Love Of Siam, Andrea Donna de Matteo Vs Portia De Rossi

There are people who dare to fall in love but love wasn't in the way.
And, there are people who are given the chance to fall in love
but dare not take up the challenge.

Portia De Rossi

Andrea Donna de Matteo

This two seriously look alike..
I was googling for Portia De Rossi coz i wanted to show
to Miss QQ who she is coz we were talking about
my boss' daughter who was reading about Ellen & Portia..
When her pictures came up i was shocked..
I thought she was Angie Bolen in Desperate Wife..
I went to google (again)..
Then i found out that it's not her..
I (once again) google-ed if anyone else think they look alike..
Turns out there are alot of people who think they look like twins..
See --> here..

Maybe they were seperated at birth?

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