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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Object Of Affection.

王菁忆 @ Ong Ching Yee @ The most gorgeous newscaster ever!
Yesterday i was being self obsessed..
Since a lot of people google Miss Ong Ching Yee
and reached my blog, i tried that too..
Just to see what will appear..
I saw videos of her LOL..
Curious i went to youtube to find for her videos too..
Guess what i found?

The first video i saw was this..
It's for Famine 30 for World Vision..
Wah hair so long d..
See i'm not that crazy..
There are other people who are crazier than me..
At least i didnt record her and post it on youtube..
All i did was watch those videos..

Gary Chaw so do NOT deserve her..
Look at that smile.. =D

Worse than having a stalker on your back..

I prefer her with short hair..
Way cuter..
I should write a letter to her and ask her to cut her hair wtf..

Cny is in like 176days, 3rd February..
No i haven't started counting down..
I just used to search for program to count for me..
I am saving money now..
To buy Hebe's solo album..
( i am damn cacat cannot recognise her voice.. )
And also for shopping for Cny clothes and stuff..
Or i can just save to buy working boots..
And new phone and laptop..
Think too much..
Let's see how long i will take to get those stuff..
Sis bought a camera 2days ago at DM..
Nikon brand..

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