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Monday, 30 August 2010

One Night

My mom had the operation on saturday morning..
Spent a night in the hospital on saturday..
To take care of my mom..
At first she said don't have to stay there with her..
But thank god i did wtf..
She kept going to the toilet every hour
i can stuff her with vitamins every 2 hours..
I stayed awake till 2am by reading magazine and newspaper..
Forgotten to bring my charger so can't listen to songs wtf..
I kept staring at the clock everytime i look at it only 5mins passed wtf..
Started getting tired at around 2am..
I kept wondering to myself how can i endure this till morning..
Thank goodness my mom's bed is near the toilet..
But the downside is there is an exit there..

Can see till the other building wtf and the bed is near the window FML..

Being a scaredy cat and a curious person i kept peeking at the exit wtf..
The nurses change shift at 11pm but those nurses who were in charge,
got more sleep than me..
They were dozing off at 12am and some of them actually
went to
the staff room and slept there..
Some of them actually wore slippers to work wtf..
But some of them were ok and very helpful..
I got a total of 30mins nap i guess wtf..
Nothing eventful or supernatural happened even though
i kept staring at the exit LOL..
But at 4.20am there is this patient who was sleep talking wtf..
Gave me a shock ok..
It was freaking quiet and suddenly u hear some talking sound wtf..
Then the one at the opposite bed started crying to herself wtf wtf..
She was a 13year old with growth and from her face
you can tell that it's really painful..
13years old leh and she was alone no wonder she cried..
(If me i would've cried like a baby too wtf)
Then the next morning at about 7am,
they made a patient shit or something like that la..
She was still in her bed, omo the smell wtf..

Mom was discharged at 12pm..
Went home, ate, took a bath then slept at 2 something til 5pm..
I was supposed to sms Jackie after i got home,

coz she wanted to visit my mom..

But i forgotten to do so and went to sleep wtf..
I went to sleep at 11pm but i am still dead tired right now..
Ah~ my beauty sleep..


William said...

Hope your mum is better.

$@M said...

hey, thanks alot for your concern..
she's getting better and better..