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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Vampires Suck

I feel like watching VAMPIRES SUCK
Go see the trailer here.
A spoof of vampire-themed movies,
where teenager Becca finds herself torn between two boys.
As she and her friends wrestle with a number of different dramas,
everything comes to a head at their prom.

Why do i feel like watching?
Because I hate twilight..
It's freaking ridiculous..

Btw I went and look for Vivian Hsu's song on a website..
And out came her porn/naked video/whatever crap that is naked..
With titles like Vivian Hsu bugil(bogel/naked)..
Zadao like hell ok..
I do not want to see a naked lady..
The worst part is it's in thumbnails..
Which means i can see her whole naked body + her bush wtf wtf..
Damn mengelifying ok..
I do not understand what is so nice about porn dan yang sewaktu dengannya..
Twilight Necrophilia & Bestiality ..

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