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Friday, 27 August 2010


Today is supposed to be a public holiday..
But i am the busiest today compared to the past week wtf..
From 9am til now i didn't stop wtf wtf..
Boss' 2nd daughter made carbonara today..
AND she brought some to the office for me..
She brought it at 11am+ and not its already 1.35pm i still haven't eat it..
Instead of eating i am here blogging about how busy and hungry i am wtf..
Ok done with my food..
It tastes not bad except that it dried coz it's been left there for 2hours wtf..
For the first time i finish my tomatoes XD ..
I hate to eat tomatoes ok..
I feel it's very geli and tomato cherry is even worse..
So yea..
Finished lunch have to kuli again (y)..
I was away for 5minutes and the youngest one crashed both my browsers..
The 5videos that had loaded have to be reloaded again wtf..
And it's not loading now..
Am i making any sense?
I don't think so..

These few days the 3 of us (actually mostly is The Strange) keeps
stalking people and letting us see the pic..
Then we will start kutuking the fella in the pic wtf..
She would find a lala blog then show us..
Then we would laugh at how bad the english is..
LOL some of the words omg seriously can laugh until you die..
I had to control myself coz my boss' kids are here..
But it was seriously damn funny..

My mom is going for an operation tomorrow..
And my parents only told us about it yesterday night wtf..
Zadao like hell..

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