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Friday, 17 September 2010


My sis still haven't transfer the pics..
Oh well..
I slept for 3hours on the first day..
As usual the few of us went for breakfast at 530am after not sleeping..
Once back from breakfast we slept..
Then wake up breakfast again wtf..
I think the thing we did most is talk crap and eat..
That is my cousin Leonardo & ET..
The first nightat Kedah i think..
We had dinner at Lot7..
Then we went for karaoke..
17person, 4jugs of coke, 3hours only costs less than Rm150..

Meet Nick my other cousin..
I like his mohawk but my dad hates it so much..
His brother said that his friend cut it for him wtf..

I can hardly remember what we did there..
It's like we eat,talk crap, eat, walk around for a bit, eat, talk crap,
sleep, talk crap, eat, eat, play around..
That's about it i guess?
Oh besides getting annoyed to the max by a brat..
If she wasn't a kid i would've broke her leg..
Too bad she is a kid and the next day
i bought a pack of balloons and ice cream for her..
3days there and i gained weight wtf..
It's like all they do is eat one day about 4-5 meals..
Left for Perak on Sunday at 6pm..
Freaking jammed like siao..
Thanks to that stupid Penang bridge(more like the stupid people who use the bridge)..
I felt like i could just kill someone with my pair of slippers..
Reached Perak at 1am i think..
We had a stop in Pantai Remis and there was one mamak shop
zomg the roti telur is freaking tasty..
I would drive 4hours again just to taste it..
My aunt was waiting for us and we talked till 330am..
Woke up 9 the next morning..
Went for the Chee Cheong Fun at the pasar but it wasn't as good as i remember..
Head over to grandma' place then had the Kampua + wantan.. *love*
Then later had lunch at the restaurant..

My other aunt made mooncakes wtf..
3different types including jelly mooncake
and flavours like cendol, and something with cheese..

My cousin,daughter of my mom's sis..
She looks nothing like her parents/siblings so we joke that she is
picked up from the rubbish dump..
Coz she's so damn cute and she got dimples while the others only have nipples LOL..
And her eyes are so damn cute when she smile..
It forms a D facing upwards..
She said my mandarin sounds weird wtf..

The sister of the cousin mentioned above and my bro..
Her mom forced her to cut girly hair and tatooed her eyebrows FHL..
I would've died if i were her..
Good luck with your life and your mother..

Daughter of my mom's brother..
She's into K-Pop and like Hyun Joong like my sis..
Damn sarcastic and narcissistic that i can feel blood coming up my throat..
She's taking pmr this year, she and her siblings are all damn smart wtf..
Got full scholarship ok..
This time back i didn't get to see all my cousins..
Coz my mom didn't tell them we're going back..
So basically that sums it all up..
Eat, talk crap, eat, eat, talk crap, sleep, walk around, eat, sleep..
A vacation is when all you do is not get enough sleep..

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