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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I remember it used to be $0.00 wtf..
At least got improvement la..
See the last one..
What is Internet..
People these days are getting....weird? dumb?

First you need to find a partner..
It depends on your sexual preference..
If you prefer male partner go ahead..
If you prefer female partner go ahead..
Cannot teach on blog..
I think if you need to teach you how to make love,
then you need to go out more often..
I remember when i was in Form2, folding money into heart shape is very "In"..
There was this girl who was folding it in class..
So the teacher asked her what is she doing..
She replied by saying "I am making love"..
Wtf i started laughing like mad and she kept shushing me..
Beh tahan wei..

When my sis bought the camera, there was a manual in the box..
The first instruction was,
"Take the Camera Out of the Box"
You have to take the camera out of the box in order to take the manual out wtf..
If i have to read the manual to know how to take
the camera out i must be a really retarded person..

What does this look like to you?
Cover of a porn video?
Yes you have the same brain as me..
Great minds think alike..
Can't the put a cover that is more appropriate?
This seriously looks very wrong..
I think maybe its caused by low budget..
No wonder..

Oh forgot to censor the name..
Biarlah, bukannya ada orang akan nampak pun..
First kong-kar-tion..
Now, charmelion..

As promised no names..
The 5.28pm is there coz we count down everyday..
And when the time come we just say BB and run away..
Every single day without miss we will complain about
How boring it is..
How stupid our co-worker/boss is..
What are we gonna have for lunch..

One dude just delivered some parts to my office AND
he has that lazy face..
When i looked at him i almost burst out laughing
No wonder he has bad attitude coz people keep burst out laughing..
His face was somewhat like this,
I have a pic of my bro doing that expression..
But i have to find it first..
If he finds out about you guys will most probably attend my funeral..

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