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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Last Saturday night randomly messaged E.T to play candle
(coz jaslyn khew asked me to)
and she told me she was having bbq..
She randomly asked us to go..
And we randomly ended up at her place..
I drove there in Jas' car..
She was laughing/freaking out at the same time..
(she is just exaggerating)
She actually smsed E.T to pray for her wtf..
Wanted to play candle but everyone was busy eating/talking/
laughing/ reminiscing..
Leo and me was talking about those incidents that happened when we were kids..
How i miss those times..

Yesterday we meet again..
To play candle XD ..
Jas came over before 8..
Went to the park behind my house and start playing..
But we were too scared to go far coz it was freaking dark..
Even when we were scared we still have to scare one another wtf..
It was super dark there..
So we slowly light up the place one candle at a time..
We burnt out hand with the fire / wax..
No we are not sadist..
But at least i don't have blister..
Then, we freaked and called E.T to rush her..
She was just about to leave her house wtf..
She reached with Leo then we continued to place the candle all over..
And burning the boxes/plastic bags is a must..
Exactly what we did..
We even started a small bon fire..
Leo stated that we look like we're from
some kinda cult standing in a circle around the fire..
After finishing over two hundred candles we went to Dessert Bro..
Talked, laughed, ate, got pissed off by the guy with a cibai smile..
Fucking china dude who eavesdrop and can't take our joke..
Such a dick head, the female waitress have better attitude..
Leo's treat!!
(everyone thought that we should've order more LOL..joke la)
He was still hungry and wants to eat Lok Lok..
So off we went..
The Lok Lok is called "Fat One" but the dude is damn skinny..
Maybe he named it after his wife..

I went out both days till about 1130pm..
But my dad didn't scold me..
Let's just hope this situation will stay..
So that my dream to go Malacca (or other place)
to stay over night will come true..

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