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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Change Of Plan

This is my nephew..
Damn cute la him..

If this time my parents cancel again, i would punch someone..

Selamat hari raya~~
I wonder will most of the places be closed coz of Raya..
Food food food.. Food first relatives second..
Haha just kidding..
Tonight go home pack my luggage..

*note to self : pack light , you're going back for 3days not 3months..

I really need to learn how to draw straight lines wtf..

Provided with a ruler and yet..

(Almost) All the lines i drew is like .....
Bengkang bengkok worse than kangkung..
I think my boss would faint when she sees it..

Go listen to
Han Geng - Say No..
I like this song..
Though i dont really understand..

I wonder if it's me or him..
Most probably it's me..

I read somewhere that Gee means hai/cibai/pussy in Hainanese..

So every time i hear the song
Gee from Snsd/Girls Generation i will think of that wtf..

Or i might just sing the song as hai hai hai hai hai XD ..
Me no likey Snsd especially the ex leader/current leader TaeYeon..

I do NOT know if she is still the leader or not..

Coz i tried to google her name then i saw a blog post on it..
All of the people in Snsd sound the same wtf..
Same high pitched tone/sound they make..
Some of their members even look like MAN wtf..

I'm totally 100% serious and not being biased at all..

I would like to say Snsd sucks but who knows
maybe one day
i might not hate them or dislike them..
Just like Super Junior..

But they are still verily gay..

Sorry Sorry-Answer is quite nice..

There is this song Blue Tomorrow,

the Chinese version is very nice..

I used to hear that song on the radio..

I really wanna know why the bands from Korea must have so many members..
(Super Junior 10, used to be 13 wtf Snsd 9)
Maybe they are trying to break a record for having
"The Most Members In A Band"..

Sung Min from Super Junior..
I like his lips..
So cute..
Yesterday there was this guy,
wah damn leng zai, he fang dian at me..
(i sound so cina wtf)
And he even bit his lips wtf, if he wasn't cute i would've punched him or something..

The carbonara that i have no time to upload previously..
Look at those tomatoes wtf..
I hate tomatoes..

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