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Thursday, 9 September 2010

How To Pack

Yesterday i started packing at 1130pm..
I packed 8shirts and 7pants i think..
The thing is i'm very indecisive..
And i like to plan ahead wtf..
In case if it rains heavily i might need extra clothes..
Or what if we wanted to go to a water fall??
I don't like it when people come to my house then starts borrowing items..
Example of thing people have borrowed :-
comb,shirt,pants,towel,hair tie and so on and so forth..

I can't decide which cap to bring wtf..
So i msged TRO and TS this morning to ask which one should i bring..
Scene 2..
Can't decide which body spray to bring,
so i brought both..
Scene 3..
Can't decide which hair wax to bring..
So i'm bringing all 3 wtf..
Luckily i have a favourite pair of shoe now..
So i'm only bringing one pair back..
What else? What else..
Oh and i was pondering if i should bring my specs..
But i decided against it..
Coz my sis will say that i am so damn melebih..
My most favourite cousin is not going back kedah..

Btw i saw one fella blogging about his favourite porn star wtf..
First time hearing about this..
I wonder how did they audition to become a porn actress..
And how can it be called acting since all the sex scenes are real?

Kids are so damn amusing la..
For the past week boss' kids are in the office..
The 3rd & 4th are damn funny la..
They prank called the youngest sister who is at home..
And they keep quarrelling not in a way like i'm gonna kill you,
but more like laughing and quarrelling at the same time..

I pray that i will reach Perak in time for me to have my
Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun..
And my kampua with loh wantan..
OMG la i feel so damn hungry just thinking about it..
One of the best roti telur/canai can be found in Perak too..
But i think it's only open in the morning..
It's located near the sungai something..
Don't know what it's called..
But while eating you can see boats passing by..
I think most of the places in Kedah will be closed,
since the main population is malay..
I want to eat Nasi Goreng Kampung with beef and fried egg..
The orange squash..
And the mamak near my grandad' place..
It's not like the mamak stall it's a kedai runcit..
Every C.N.Y when we go back he'll be damn happy,
while our parents are upset with us..
Mainly coz we will be spending our money and angpao money there..

trying to forget someone you love,
is like trying to remember someone you never met..

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