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Friday, 3 September 2010


You know the radio ad for Baskin Robbins
wear pink on Wednesday and get 2 for the price of one?
I like to hear that ad..LOL..
Coz the dude goes "Eh, Hello"..
I just love to say that..
Not sure since when but i always annoy my siblings by doing that..
By the way i just found out that Baskin Robbins offers delivery wtf..

Tonight steamboat at Jackie' place..
After 2 months finally we will be meeting..
And yesterday went to buy the Korean rice cake @ Chow Yang..
I've been craving for it since few weeks ago..
But after a few bites i felt so damn full wtf..
I've never seen such childish bunch of 20year olds..
No wait actually i have..
Never mind then.. XD

I realised that i'm a very emotional person wtf..
1. I cry when i watch sad movies,
e:g - "Fly Me To Polaris" but i think for this show it's ok..
Coz i remember when i was in form4or5 it was shown on tv..
Then the next day when i went to school,
everyone who watched it have Ultraman eyes wtf..

2. When i listen to sad songs, this one not all the time la..
Those extremely sad songs (not die ppl those kinda song)..
Very touching songs..
Most of it are Chinese songs..
Somehow i just feel that Chinese songs have more feel to it..
3. When i read.. (yes, i do read)
Normally i read comic books wtf..
I cried when i read Doreamon wtf FML..
The one where Doreamon left and the other one was
when Nobita went back to the past to see his grandmother..
But somehow when i get walloped i won't drop a single tear..
Hormonal imbalance..

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