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Monday, 20 September 2010

KingYew / Kennyaik

Did i mention i cut my hair?
The first day at Kedah and i can't take it anymore..
My hair was ala Bieber haircut ok..
So i went to cut my hair..
My aunt did her hair there (first time) and it turned out to be really nice..
Suits her very well and makes her look 10years younger..
I'm totally serious right now..
It does make her look 10years younger..
I asked her if there are any saloon nearby..
(i don't trust those cheaper than Rm30 coz i tried before ok,
oh and Monsoon/HairZone too)
Then i pestered my sis to get her hair cut too..
My aunt took us there.. (about 15-20mins from our place i think)
The saloon was called Kennyaik,
It's located at Lebuhraya Darulaman, 05100, Alor Setar..
It's along that street wtf..
Coz i didn't get the address / the phone number..
But if anyone wants the number i can ask from my aunt..
My dad didn't recognise my sis after the haircut..
He said "walao the face look so small now"..
Mine not that much difference coz just cut the top part
and layered the rest..
His skills was damn chunted wei, first time i saw this kinda style..
I saw those pictures he did for event and stuff..
He does tattoo too..

Restaurant King Yew
No.36, Lorong Intan 1,
Taman Intan, Kg. Cina,
32000 Sitiawan, Perak.
Diong - Tel : 05-690 6621

You guys should try the
Oyster Fried Egg, Gu Lou Yuk, & Hong Zhau Ji (Red wine chicken?)..
I salivate..
Missing the food and the atmosphere there..
Please go ahead and try and let me know what you think..

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