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Thursday, 23 September 2010


I have been away from facebook for such a long time wtf..
101 photo tags wtf..
I got so many photo for people to tag meh??
Very fun to tag hor?
Knn everytime tag me in all those bo liao pictures..
And when you ask them to don't tag you
all they will say is,
"I din tag you oso is the app ownself tag wan. i dono wan"
Eat shit la..
If you didn't use that application it won't tag me..
Everyday sit in front of the comp play retarded games on facebook..

I've been clicking on the mouse since morning..
If my boss saw/heard me clicking away,
she would've think that i did it on purpose to spoil to mouse..
Coz she bought a new mouse for the other comp..
Thing is....
The new mouse she bought is those portable usb type..
Those retractable ones..
So it's kinda annoying..
But it's very very pretty..
Coz it's orange in colour..


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