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Monday, 6 September 2010


I feel like eating kopi o panas with cream crackers..
Zomg cravings again..
oh and i stepped on crap last Saturday on my way to the car..
And i didn't realise it until i was home wtf..

Ais Kacang Puppy Love

I watched this show yesterday..
(somehow i keep typing show as shoe)
Quite nice but quite slow but i like..
I teared watching this show wtf sissy..
So saddening..
The character Prince Charming (played by Victor Wong)
is so damn annoying wtf..
His expression makes me feel like slapping him..
I actually like Barley Ice (Fish Leong) in this show..
Maybe because the character that she played doesn't talk..
I don't like her voice and i don't like her singing..
I feel she can't sing tqvm..
I'm gonna watch Vampires Suck!!
Either tonight or tomorrow..

If my aunts from Kedah & Johor are not coming down
we will be going back to Perak..
Either way i am happy..
But i think i might prefer to go back Perak..
I only go back like once a year and i'm missing the food there wtf..

It's funny how some people regard you as their
best friend, close friend, bff, good friend, and such
but almost never replies to your messages..
Even messages like "Hey, how have you been?",
"Wanna meet up for a drink?"
It is so damn hard to just reply a message??
How long does it take to type a msg??
Type as short as possible la "Sry,bz nw.msg u ltr"..
Something wrong with me..
Just ignore it wtf..
Oh did i mention that i can't draw a straight line even with a ruler FML..

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