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Tuesday, 7 September 2010


The 3rd daughter asked me if i want Mcd..
I just had that yesterday but i was soooo tempted..
Luckily i said no to her..
And she asked me, "are you sure?" wtf tempt me..
I just love McDonalds..
The fries is damn orgasmic wtf..
Shooooooooo cute..
I'm talking about the babies..
(and the gorgeous lady from the right XD )
I have almost finished reading all the pages on the Soompi thread..
Which means~~
(nothing significant wtf except i have nothing to read)

Fuiyoh so hawt..
But the phone that she is holding reminds me of the character
Ah Rain from Tiger Woohoo..

It's technically different la..
But it's alike..
And somehow i just feel like eating tang yuan..
Suddenly nia walao eh..

( i forgot how to spell jealous coz i keep typing jelez wtf)
First kiss given to Miss Kim Yoo Bin..
Can brag about it when he grew up..
If he is 4 in the picture and she is 22..
And 11years from now he will be 15 and she'll be 33..
Ok la not that old and won't be saggy yet..

Please click on the image and read the article..
Thank You..
It's one of the reasons why i love Kim Yoo Bin..
My sis keeps saying "wah S.H.E. replaced by Wonder Girls d"..
Wtf no lor ok..
No one can replace my beloved S.H.E.
It's like once in a while i will go crazy over other band (but seldom la)..
But S.H.E. always and forever placed at Number1..
No la actually Wonder Girls haven't replace S.H.E.
But as an individual YooBin is currently same place as S.H.E.

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