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Saturday, 25 September 2010


Ong Ching Yee has the highest hit for the past month..
I wonder the person who googled for Lu Kwang Zhong is a fan or not..
Coz if he/she is means the fella won't come back..
Read this post the lower half..

The past week..
When did i blog about youngest gay boy porn?
And that my friend is childpornography..
So you will most probably be rotting in jail for
1. Child pornography..
2. Something about unnatural sex..

I don't remember blogging about not shaving my vagina wtf..
I think it's related to the Edward Cullen vagina post..

To the person who googled for pussy porn photo,
You think S.H.E. is like Gillian Chung ah?
Read here..
Go ask from Hantu Yogurt here..
If you wanna masturbate to some artist photo pls la don't find for S.H.E.
You will never find them..
Fuck you dude.. Fuck you!!

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