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Thursday, 2 September 2010


I was listening to the Nobody on the
radio halfway then i got pissed off wtf..

When it's YooBin' part the stupid dj just cuts her off..
(not really la but just lower the damn volume and starts talking)
Freaking rude wtf..
I really hate it when the deejay does that..
Doesn't matter whose song..
Even it it's from that annoying mosquito singer..
So disrespectful urrgghh..
Stupid deejay..
And i don't know if it's the channel or the radio but the songs kept jumping wtf..
I don't even have an account for it how can i request for a new password?
Maybe its their tactic to get people to go to their site wtf..
Doesn't work lor ok..
"This message looks very suspicious"
HAHAHAHA!! In you face..
(syok sendiri wtf)

I shall be emo for today..
Coz Mandy helped me to go order "To Hebe" at Popular @ 1U
but the stupid fella in charge said it's only till the 30th wtf..
Radio clearly said till 3rd of October..
And there is this newspaper (actually i don't if its considered a newspaper)
that wrote Hebe is a bisexual..
Not like i know how to read la but my sis told me that..
That is all she told me coz she was too lazy to read it for me..

i Iz h3@rtZ DiZ piChA..LoLZ..

Oh semalam saya termimpi Ong Ching Yee..
Gila babi betul..
Entah kenapa bodoh betul..
Termimpi yana abang saudara saya main kayu tiga ngan dia..
Tapi dia tak tau la..
Orangnya baik, manis, comel (dalam mimpi la)..
Bila saya bangun pertama sekali saya ingat itu saja..
Tapi bila teringat abang saudara main kayu tiga terasa macam nak melempang dia..

Sometimes i wonder why did i study in sekolah kebangsaan..
Why do i speak such pro b.m..
Coz i might get thrown back to China one day wtf..
(let's just hope that day won't arrive)
So at least i still can order food wtf..

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