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Saturday, 4 September 2010


i am so damn freaking sleepy..
This morning i lao sai twice wtf..
I'm thinking if it's because we eat when the food is not cooked enough
or the fruit juice kicking in wtf..
(Cheng just msg me asking if i got stomach ache or not
i told her i lao twice and she said she lao 4times d wtf)
Yesterday was a fun filled night..
I ate my words last night - refer here..
Reached there about 8pm..
Btw i think Jackie' car hate me FML..
Cut 2 of my fingers..
Her car is like a First Aid kit..
There is plaster and cough medicine and what not..
But she doesn't have gastric medicine which she need wtf..
Let's see Jian Pin, May Yan, Karmen, Yoke Cheng,
Anna, Jackie, Jaslyn, Me..
We all stayed till around 1.30am playing games and laughing so damn loudly wtf..
I wonder if the neighbour is pissed at us..
Reached home at about 2am..
Went straight to bed coz was too damn tired..
When i woke up i feel so energetic but now i am dead tired..
and my legs feel weak from squating wtf..
And i have to go again..
ok bai!

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