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Sunday, 31 October 2010



Saturday, 30 October 2010

My status as an aunty

My nephew and my brother with his amazon hair..

They call him fei mao coz the think he looks like fei mao..
I think he looks like Crayon Shin Chan..

My niece whose fave food is ice-cream..
She's so damn naughty at times..
But quite cute la..
And she's very curious at the same time..
Always asking cute questions that make me laugh..
If she don't throw tantrum i can buy her anything..
Ice-cream - check,chocolate - check,toys - check,balloon - check..
Thank god i dont spend alot of time with her..

That is a cat building (?) that he is sitting on..

This belongs to the cat too..
Things that people do..

Harry Potter hat..
Where did she learn that from?
My brother..
And my cousin who did the same thing and asked me to take a picture for him..
It's in his phone though..

You're asking "which cousin ?"
The one at the back..
Look at his face..
That would be fei mao's mom..
He whack me coz i took this unflattering picture of her face..
She thought i only capture snap the baby..
If she know my blog i would be dead..

Friday, 29 October 2010

Chinese Letter

I have found a use of Google Translate..
Yesterday i wrote a 23 lines letter in chinese..
224words man..
Don't play play okay..

Landy 北斗星

I like this song..
Finally found out the title today..
Thanks to who thanks to who?
MyFm & Google & YouTube.. LOL

S.H.E 我愛雨夜花
I love this song alot..
Because of the harmony..
And they rap is tai yu!
Something like hokkien lar..

Btw semalan after dinner got into an accident..
Thank god the car didn't suffer much damage..
Bitch will pay!
Lazy to elaborate..
Wait til i transfer the pics first..

And the guy china guy Lin Yu Chun,
he has a song called "Wei Lai De Di Yi Zhan"
All the while i thought it was Zhang Yun Jing..
But his voice is obviously better la..
I was thinking how come her vocals become so keng..
Until a few days ago..
Speaking of which,
just now 2 china guys almost break the glass door..
So damn fucking cho lor can?
Uncivilised like lan..
Cannot even press the bell..
He keeps pushing and pulling the door..
KNNCCB go home push your mother la..
And he was looking for adapter,
ask him what adapter he don't know how to say..
Plus! Go out that time donno say what to the friend..
I heard him saying in chinese,
"Electrical shop but don't sell adapter"
Hello asshole this is an air-cond shop..

In case if you are wondering why i am not moping
over Selina's injuries anymore,
it's because i am so STFU..
But i know she is ok now so i can eat..
Like really eat..
But i still get fucking pissed of when people say insensitive stuff..

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Pls do me a big favour..

Please send in your birthday messages/audio or video for Selina to latest by Friday..
They will compile and post to HIM Taiwan on Sunday..
Please write your name and country too..

Please send in your birthday messages/audio or video for Selina to latest by Friday..
They will compile and post to HIM Taiwan on Sunday..
Please write your name and country too..

Please send in your birthday messages/audio or video for Selina to latest by Friday..
They will compile and post to HIM Taiwan on Sunday..
Please write your name and country too..

Please send in your birthday messages/audio or video for Selina to latest by Friday..
They will compile and post to HIM Taiwan on Sunday..
Please write your name and country too..

I kena black mail by QQ & ET..
Anyone else who wants to blackmail me,
pls go ahead..
Mail in then forward to me,
then black mail me..

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Personality Split

Some pictures that are trapped on my comp since last week..
I think so..
Emily your mom..
Last week(?) went to pasar malam with Jaslyn Khew..
We stalked her just to take this picture..

Don't you think this is funny?
A : Help me buy chiffon cake..
B : Ok.. What brand & flavour you want?
A : EH Pandan Chiffon cake..
B : You don't have to eh me..

@ Curve
My brother thinks he's so damn yeng..
Jinjang betul..

An Honest Mistake..
Their songs were not bad..
Went to their err something @ CHCC on Fri with Jas..
Wan Chean was there..
I kinda hyperventilated when i saw her..
Gotta admit though she is kinda lansi..
Free To Fall was not too bad..
I like the drummer..
But we left after 2 band perform..
Went for dinner coz we were damn hungry..
Went for ayam penyek..
Which ended up with swollen lips and watery eyes..

I find this very amusing..
Because it says Cacat.....ZZZZZ

The red one makes my phone look fat..
The orange one make my phone look slim and sophisticated..
I wanna get a few more..

Selina is stronger than everyone thought she was..
I hope she get well soon..
And yeah my blog is in pink..
It's Selina's favourite colour..
I will keep it pink till she recovers completely..

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


加油!! 加油!! 加油!!

I'm so distracted these few days..
Kept forgetting things..
My boss asked me to photocopy a document for her,
i photocopied but i left the original copy and the other copy at the machine.
Then i asked for a document from her to check the address,
i almost took it and left..
And also i kept having typing error..
Who would've thought i am more devastated when i hear about Selina
than when i heard about my cousin getting burnt by hot soup..
I still remember i have skipped school just to watch S.H.E. on tv..
Every time S.H.E. is on radio or tv,
i will sit up straight, smirk to myself, listen attentively,
i wont even turn away from the tv or go toilet even if i had to really badly..
I just love them more and more every time..
They're just so natural and real..
When you look at them you can tell they are really sincere
to one another..
They are also really amazing singers..
Every time i hear their acapella i get goosebumps..
Really amazing harmony..
I cannot explain how much i love their voice..
No other band can compete with S.H.E...
To be completely honest,
even Wonder Girls could not compare to S.H.E...

Selina will come back stronger..
I know she will..
She is after all a SHERO..

Monday, 25 October 2010


This is the song Ella wrote for Selina..

Oh god I'm gonna cry in the office..
My tears have been welled up the whole day..
I keep telling myself she will be okay..
With every update i read my tears filled up..
Why the hell does this have to happen..

I'm felt so damn relieved when i read this..
Pls get well soon..
I will still love and support S.H.E. no matter what..
I'll always love all 3 of you..

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Wtf man..
Selina was injured during filming..

"Selina's situation is suffer from third degree burns on body parts
which are hands, feet and back have to perform skin grafting
back in Taiwan currently family along with doctor is discussing medical treatment,
we have applied for SOS medical treatment private plane
between the time of incident at around four o'clock yesterday afternoon
due to an explosion result of explosives exploded ahead of time,
before shooting scene had formal trials for six or seven times,
no problems, but unfortunately when shooting start accident happened."

I saw the tweet from the fan club last night and i was fucking shocked..
I don't even know what to think..
Was hoping it's just some minor burns..
Almost cried when i checked the fan club this morning..
Third degree burns wtf..

Third-degree burns occur when the epidermis
is lost with damage to the subcutaneous tissue.
Burn victims will exhibit charring and extreme damage of the epidermis,
and sometimes hard eschar will be present.
Third-degree burns result in scarring and
victims will also exhibit the loss of hair shafts and keratin.
These burns may require grafting.
These burns are not painful, as all the nerves
ave been damaged by the burn and are not sending pain signals;
however, all third-degree burns are surrounded
by first and second-degree burns, which are painful

So is it or is it not painful?
Fucking wikipedia cant even put the facts properly..
What if she's in pain?
Thank god its not face or else i think she would be devastated..
Plus she's getting married next year..
Damn shit wtf..
I'm thankful that she's in a stable condition..
Coz her co-star Hao Ming is still in icu..

Pls tell us you're ok..

Friday, 22 October 2010


I still love to see jokes on Twilight..

And of course Justine Bieber..
The person with the gun pls come forward..
And pls shoot him..

And i never knew drinking too much water can cause blindness..
I just thought it will make you go to the toilet non stop..
But this fella so damn fucking drama..
Drink 7litre of water wtf..
I think i drink less than 2litre per day..
Me likes this..
But what if 8years has passed and yet nothing has been healed?

me, the strange, and leo went to the pasar mlm..
After that they came over to my place..
Jeng jeng jeng..
Emily the evils used my brothers facebook to see someones profile..
Then we started kutuking wtf..
Tsk tsk tsk..
Not a good habit..
But it's a very entertaining habit wtf..

Oh my Binnie so attractive..
(told you i will abuse it LOL)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mentos mentos wo ai ni..

Lost my mojo..
Mentos is currently my pain killer..
And i ate so much of the cake that my aunt bake
(in the span of 4days la)
that i lao sai today wtf..
All the way from Johor..
And my aunt is coming down on Deepavali..
Spent my day reading
The fella likes mermaid!
Just like me..

I swear i will not talk to my siblings
if the start to support SNSD/Girls Generation..

SM Responds to SNSD Lip Syncing Critism..
I saw one fellas comment
SONES = Stupid Ones..
I cant disagree..
I cant believe their fans still stand up for them..
I got some comment on this thing..
Tapi i malas nak bagi comment wtf..

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

JYJ End / SNSD caught lipsyncing LOL

I did not mention about this girl,
she was so keen on taking a shot of JYJ that she was sticking to my back wtf..
She was holding the camera in front of my (not blocking la)..
I was seriously shocked,
suddenly a camera appeared in front of me
followed by a stranger sticking her body to my back wtf..
Luckily it was a chinese girl..
But it was dangerous for her to do that..
What if i was a pervert? LOL..

The one in black and white is the one who drama-ed..

Hello handsome..
Look at Jae Joong's chest..
I think this is when he said "I love you lah~"
Serena C asked them to add lah behind..

Micky is my fave since TVXQ/ DBSk..
I want to sing a song LOL..
"Oh Micky you're so fine,
You're so fine you blow my mind hey Micky"

This reminds me of the thing
that Hulk Hogan always does..

Jae Joong looks so pretty la..
Not really digging the concept of the photo in the album..
It's like they have turned Jae Joong into Edward Cullen wtf..

I prefer Micky when he smiles..
He have very cute cheeks..

I kept forgetting that Xiah's name is JunSu wtf..


JYJ can really sing..
But the showcase really sucked balls..
Even the showcase in Singapore failed miserably..
Don't believe me? Go Google la..

SNSD Lip Sync at their Taiwan Concert..
Go read their fan comments la..
Damn stupid can?
Blog about this another day.. Xp