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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


This week is such a whorehorrible week..
And i think it's not gonna get better..
Back pain is getting worse..
Fucking useless medicine..

Go read this post from XiaXue..
The comments are so damn hilarious..
So many people are saying SNSD members are fake (i agree)..
Btw those are fans of SNSD who say that wtf..
Some say they're ugly..
And all 9 of them have plastic surgery before..
Use kneecap to think also know they did plastic surgery before..
Oh if you try to google SNSD the first auto search that came out was
"SNSD Plastic Surgery"
All i typed was SNS and it ended with "SNSD Plastic Surgery"..
That made me happy..LOL..

Wonder Girls are coming to Malaysia..
Pls check out this site..
Or click here for the article and here for the ticketing/seating..
Why must it be on a Saturday???
I cannot skip prayers coz my dad will kill me
and God will smite me and lighting will strike me over and over again..
Why Genting??
If it's at Bukit Jalil i can go at 6 after prayers and reach before 8!
But Genting...........
I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stupid JYP..
(i know la its not his fault i just wanna blame someone)
People are even coming from all the way Penang lor ok..
I'm only in P.J WTF..
I am so damn freaking pissed at everything..
Everything and everyone..
Especially that stupid dude who was holding her..
I think I'm gonna go home and cry myself to sleep tonight..

Please teach me what to do..
If i cant go for the concert maybe i can stalk them at the airport wtf..
Or follow Jackie up to Genting on Sunday and stalk them..
Or if they're in kl i can go stalk them too wtf..
Basically i have lost my mind..
I know i know..
Unhealthy obsession..

The one hanging on top middle is a fan art from France..
I hope to see mine hanging there one day..

Did i mention this Sunday i'll be alone at home..
Parents are off to Johor tonight..
Won't be back till Monday morning i think..
Siblings going for JYJ showcase,have to reach there before 12pm..
So they'll be leaving quite early..

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