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Thursday, 14 October 2010

20 Random / Weird Facts About Me

1. I like to smell shampoo..
Not straight from the bottle but from someones head..

2. I always hold my pee in wtf..
Don't know why but i always do that..
I always go "i have better things to do" wtf..

3. I'm loyal towards artists that i like..
Even my most favourite member doesn't change..

4. My fave member is always "the weird/odd one/outcast/different one"
without realising it..
Ex : Ella - S.H.E., A.J - Back Street Boys,
Mark-Westlife, YooBin - Wonder Girls..

5. My most favourite artists are female bands wtf..
First fave Ang Mo artist - Spice Girls.. (ang mo see No2)
If actress then its between Catherine Zeta Jones / Jessica Alba..
Zorro and Dark Angel walao..
First fave Chinese artist - S.H.E.
First fave Korean artist - Wonder Girls.. Actress - Song Hye Gyo..
First fave Malaysian artist - Yan Wan Chean..

6. Sweet stuff works as pain killer for me..
(maybe for other ppl too but i dont know lol)

7. I have a perverted mind (i think everyone knows)..
But i never want to know what my friends did..
You know what i mean?
It's so damn weird and awkward even for me wtf..

8. I am very very indecisive.. LOL..
So if you want to ask me to choose, you wont get an answer..

9. I wish i have fashion sense of a gay guy..
Why? See number 10..

10. Not a good shopping partner..
I'm only good for carrying your shopping bags
coz i cant really tell if the dress/jeans make you look fat or thin..

11. I'm a very attentive person (according to myself wtf)..

12. I get upset easily and defensive if you say bad things
about my fave artist..
(Seriously, you can ask The Strange One)

13. I hate Chinese newspaper/magazine (those gossipy type)..
They always write create fake news for readership..

14. I can't snap my finger..
Even my 8year old cousin look down on me because of this..

15. I can roll my tongue but i cant turn it both side..
I can only turn it to the right side..
BUT i can form a clover-like shape with my tongue..

16. I still love S.H.E. as much as ever..

17. I hate people who do cover version of songs but destroys it..

18. I procrastinate a lot..

19. I hate the fact that i can't read chinese..

20. I used to stalk people alot..
Just for the sake of doing it.. LOL
I can find out the house address, phone number,
etc, etc, etc..

So seductive lor ok..
Nose bleed can die..

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