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Saturday, 16 October 2010

謝安琪 - 脆弱

One of the songs i like to hear recently..
Kay Tse 脆弱, i think they translated the title as "Weak"..
It's her first mandarin song..
Her mandarin quite zhun (accurate) lol..

I loved her 囍帖街 since the first time i heard it..
And also her 年度之歌..
Normally i don't listen to this kind of songs..
But her voice is really nice..
I like her voice..
In my opinion,
she's one of the best singers from H.K..
How many "singers" from Hong Kong can actually sing?
Only a number of them can actually sing..
Mostly from the older generation lol..
Example : Hins Cheung, Andy Lau, Anita Mui LOL..
Twins can sing meh?
Don't think so lor..
And all those actor/actress turned singer should just stick to acting..
Sometimes when i hear those people sing,
i can feel my ears bleed..

you know recently there this thing about
PAS, Adam Lambert, concert thingy?

See the video below..
Hee Chul Kisses..

Now that you're done watching,
pls tell me why they can come here for tour (like so many times lor)
but Adam Lambert cant?
Because he is openly gay?
Pls be more open minded can?
I wonder if they see this will they protest their upcoming concert..
And QQ said maybe they will protest Wonder Girls concert too..
But Wonder Girls dressing not as skimpy as other korean bands lor..
Ok let's not put any idea in their head..
If they stumble upon this blog maybe they will actually do it wtf..
Because you know la kan,
jiak pa bo shu zho wan..

p/s : I'm going to see JYJ!!
Micky here i come~~

My bro would rather go pak tor..
(actually its kinda because he want to let me go la)
I would dump my other half anytime to watch JYJ Wonder Girls/S.H.E

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