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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


加油!! 加油!! 加油!!

I'm so distracted these few days..
Kept forgetting things..
My boss asked me to photocopy a document for her,
i photocopied but i left the original copy and the other copy at the machine.
Then i asked for a document from her to check the address,
i almost took it and left..
And also i kept having typing error..
Who would've thought i am more devastated when i hear about Selina
than when i heard about my cousin getting burnt by hot soup..
I still remember i have skipped school just to watch S.H.E. on tv..
Every time S.H.E. is on radio or tv,
i will sit up straight, smirk to myself, listen attentively,
i wont even turn away from the tv or go toilet even if i had to really badly..
I just love them more and more every time..
They're just so natural and real..
When you look at them you can tell they are really sincere
to one another..
They are also really amazing singers..
Every time i hear their acapella i get goosebumps..
Really amazing harmony..
I cannot explain how much i love their voice..
No other band can compete with S.H.E...
To be completely honest,
even Wonder Girls could not compare to S.H.E...

Selina will come back stronger..
I know she will..
She is after all a SHERO..

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