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Friday, 29 October 2010

Chinese Letter

I have found a use of Google Translate..
Yesterday i wrote a 23 lines letter in chinese..
224words man..
Don't play play okay..

Landy 北斗星

I like this song..
Finally found out the title today..
Thanks to who thanks to who?
MyFm & Google & YouTube.. LOL

S.H.E 我愛雨夜花
I love this song alot..
Because of the harmony..
And they rap is tai yu!
Something like hokkien lar..

Btw semalan after dinner got into an accident..
Thank god the car didn't suffer much damage..
Bitch will pay!
Lazy to elaborate..
Wait til i transfer the pics first..

And the guy china guy Lin Yu Chun,
he has a song called "Wei Lai De Di Yi Zhan"
All the while i thought it was Zhang Yun Jing..
But his voice is obviously better la..
I was thinking how come her vocals become so keng..
Until a few days ago..
Speaking of which,
just now 2 china guys almost break the glass door..
So damn fucking cho lor can?
Uncivilised like lan..
Cannot even press the bell..
He keeps pushing and pulling the door..
KNNCCB go home push your mother la..
And he was looking for adapter,
ask him what adapter he don't know how to say..
Plus! Go out that time donno say what to the friend..
I heard him saying in chinese,
"Electrical shop but don't sell adapter"
Hello asshole this is an air-cond shop..

In case if you are wondering why i am not moping
over Selina's injuries anymore,
it's because i am so STFU..
But i know she is ok now so i can eat..
Like really eat..
But i still get fucking pissed of when people say insensitive stuff..

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