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Saturday, 23 October 2010


Wtf man..
Selina was injured during filming..

"Selina's situation is suffer from third degree burns on body parts
which are hands, feet and back have to perform skin grafting
back in Taiwan currently family along with doctor is discussing medical treatment,
we have applied for SOS medical treatment private plane
between the time of incident at around four o'clock yesterday afternoon
due to an explosion result of explosives exploded ahead of time,
before shooting scene had formal trials for six or seven times,
no problems, but unfortunately when shooting start accident happened."

I saw the tweet from the fan club last night and i was fucking shocked..
I don't even know what to think..
Was hoping it's just some minor burns..
Almost cried when i checked the fan club this morning..
Third degree burns wtf..

Third-degree burns occur when the epidermis
is lost with damage to the subcutaneous tissue.
Burn victims will exhibit charring and extreme damage of the epidermis,
and sometimes hard eschar will be present.
Third-degree burns result in scarring and
victims will also exhibit the loss of hair shafts and keratin.
These burns may require grafting.
These burns are not painful, as all the nerves
ave been damaged by the burn and are not sending pain signals;
however, all third-degree burns are surrounded
by first and second-degree burns, which are painful

So is it or is it not painful?
Fucking wikipedia cant even put the facts properly..
What if she's in pain?
Thank god its not face or else i think she would be devastated..
Plus she's getting married next year..
Damn shit wtf..
I'm thankful that she's in a stable condition..
Coz her co-star Hao Ming is still in icu..

Pls tell us you're ok..


William said...

Quite shocking. I did not know there were other victims.

$@M said...

its reported that her co star protected her with his body so his injuries is worse than hers..