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Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Somehow i like to see hello with a comma..

"Rather put other people's face than own parents"
I don't know why there is a circle at the top..
Maybe reflection from my phone..

I saw this car on the way back from 1U last Sunday..
Damn chun wei..
But i want my wedding car to be a sports car..

@ the family day thingy..
The clown was making something special for my dad.. LOL

At least 6balloons were used to make this..
Ignore the orange part..
My brother put it there..

It's supposed to be a sword..
Someone with dirty mind say it look like.......

The skin are coming out..
Feel like buying new shoes..
I think i'm those people who goes
"I wan't ...."
instead of
"I need ...."

Why so serious??
My hair is getting longer and longer..

Somehow my mood is down the drain today..
I don't even know why..
Ahh FML..

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