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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

JYJ End / SNSD caught lipsyncing LOL

I did not mention about this girl,
she was so keen on taking a shot of JYJ that she was sticking to my back wtf..
She was holding the camera in front of my (not blocking la)..
I was seriously shocked,
suddenly a camera appeared in front of me
followed by a stranger sticking her body to my back wtf..
Luckily it was a chinese girl..
But it was dangerous for her to do that..
What if i was a pervert? LOL..

The one in black and white is the one who drama-ed..

Hello handsome..
Look at Jae Joong's chest..
I think this is when he said "I love you lah~"
Serena C asked them to add lah behind..

Micky is my fave since TVXQ/ DBSk..
I want to sing a song LOL..
"Oh Micky you're so fine,
You're so fine you blow my mind hey Micky"

This reminds me of the thing
that Hulk Hogan always does..

Jae Joong looks so pretty la..
Not really digging the concept of the photo in the album..
It's like they have turned Jae Joong into Edward Cullen wtf..

I prefer Micky when he smiles..
He have very cute cheeks..

I kept forgetting that Xiah's name is JunSu wtf..


JYJ can really sing..
But the showcase really sucked balls..
Even the showcase in Singapore failed miserably..
Don't believe me? Go Google la..

SNSD Lip Sync at their Taiwan Concert..
Go read their fan comments la..
Damn stupid can?
Blog about this another day.. Xp

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