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Monday, 18 October 2010

JYJ showcase in Malaysia / Marctensia&RELA Sucks Balls..

So yesterday i woke up at 8 to get ready to see JYJ..
We wanted to be early but turns out
there are people waiting since saturday night
and one radio station some have been waiting since Thurs..
If i were their parents i would've locked them out from my house LOL..
We took lrt from our place to Masjid Jamek got down took the Ampang line to Bukit Jalil..
Reached there 10+..
But we found out that it was supposed to be at Stadium Negera instead..
So Fuck you to the person from 98.8 who messed up and F-edML..
Do you know how fucking hot was it..
Then we had to take lrt all the way back to Hang Tuah..
And the stupid guard damn 'helpful'..

The line at
Some people damn good in taking advantage..
Selling mineral water for Rm2 when i can get it for Rm0.59cents wtf..

2ladies in kimono..
From japan i think..
There are fans from all over the world wtf..
Singapore,Indonesia,Thailand,China,Japan,Korea(i think)
chinese, malay, indian etc etc wtf..
The power of JYJ..

I just noticed my sis is in the picture..
The amount of R.E.L.A there..

-they printed the lyrics and chant and the word saranhae-
We waited for the people from 98.8 til about 1pm i think..
The said will be there before 1230pm..
Time management damn phail can..
I think they too went to the wrong place..
There was a kid i think around 12 wtf with her friend..
She was freaking out by 1150 wtf coz they won the tix too in a contest..
But the people aren't there yet..
She screamed Jae Joong's name in a high so high its freaky wtf..
And a bunch of kids were crying and screaming too wtf..
One lady called the magazine they won it from and the fella said
they have already emailed them and told them they wil arrive at 1pm..
(I seriously think girls are scary wtf everyone screamed like
there's no tomorrow when they are van stopping by..
But its not JYJ false alarm 2times)
After we got the tix at 1+pm
I though we can go in..
WTF the main gates are opened but we're not allowed to go in the stadium yet..

QQ that is your friend Foo Bao Yuet and her lala friend.. LOL
We had to wait under the fucking hot sun for hours..
And everyone was poking my head with the damn
umbrellas til i got freaking pissed off..

Oh before that Cassiopeians SUCKS BALLS..
After the main gates were opened you can see rubbish strewn EVERYWHERE..
All over the place there were rubbish..
It was even hard to walk, the whole stairways they waited was full with rubbish..

Everyone screamed when they heard music playing inside wtf..
By 130pm people start chanting for the gates to be opened..
By 145pm they chanted again, 155pm again..
The gates weren't even open til about 220pm..
It was a 2pm event for gods sake..
Then they started checking bags one by one..
Water bottles, umbrella, food were not allowed in..
225pm it stared raining like fuck..
They still continued checking one by one wtf..
Every was pushing once it rained..
Everyone was wet and pissed and they still cont checking..
Everyone started chanting Stop Checking..
The chanting got louder,the pushing got harder,
people got angrier..
The aneh who was selling drinks even helped to pull the grill apart..
FUCK you R.E.L.A..
Like its our fault you open the gates late..
Everyone was drenched and mad pissed at this one fucking chinese rela..
He was blowing cock the whistle and shouting "stop pushing"
at the wrong people and everyone shouted back at him (y)..
One girl said everyone turned into barbarians because of JYJ..
The tix /lyrics/posters was torn/phone/everything else got soaked in the rain..

^ The crowd when we finally got in..
Top to bottom, inside out all wet..

Because i was using pariah phone so the pics turned out like shit..

But Jae Joong's body was so damn freaking toned and he is so pretty..
*shy* wtf

Micky was the reason i went through all those crap..

Xiah is just too damn cute..

I have a 16sec clip of Be The One in my phone..

To be honest their songs were quite decent..
I liked it..
Esp Aay Girl and Be The One..
The showcase only lasted for 50mins.. 310pm-400pm..

The only 2 clear pics was swapped off the internet LOL..
No worried my sis have the clearer pics in her camera..
Serena C was the emcee of the day..
Homg i didnt know her voice was soooo sexy ok..

The crowd who din't leave after JYJ left..
When Micky was leaving some fans shouted his name,
and he turned back to wave..
So cute lor ok..
Btw, there was this girl there, about half head shorter than me..
(white gypsy skirt, grass fedora, i think she wore flats)
She impressed me coz she was just so relaxed & kept her cool throught the whole thing..
She just stood there recording,taking picture while smiling the whole time..
And she's really really really really cute wtf..

-The Aftermath-

I'm 2shades darked on the neck and 4shades darker on my hands..
She had to cut the top part coz it melted in the rain =_= wtf..

The tickets too melted in the rain..
The premium version was RM150 wtf..
My sis bought the cd..
To be honest?
I like Ayy Girl but i hate Kanye West' rap..
They composed the music and sang a solo song each..
I like Xiah's song the most and his english is the easiest to understand..
(In the song la coz only Micky understood english in person wtf)

If you ask me would i do this again,
I would say YES for S.H.E/Wonder Girls..
If other artist i might have to think twice,thrice..LOL
This post is so long.. WTF LOL

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