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Monday, 4 October 2010

Kim YooBin Picture spam..

To my Princess Kim YooBin..
I'll be a YooBinian dwart forever..
Support you forever..
You make me do stupid things like i've never done before..
Things that would make my mom kill me if she found out..

Such a beautiful young lady..

The best rapper of all..
When i heard her rap in Chun G's - Weak Man,
it gave me goose bumps..
And when i heard Kim Bum Soo - Do You Know That,
(in which she wrote her own rap)
i feel it was so damn sweet that i could get diabetes..

This is the hottest rapper ever..
The rapper who have a beautiful voice..
The voice which can cure my heart break..
The voice which can curb my anger..
When i'm angry and i hear her voice..
It's like someone poured iced water over a fire..

The smile that melted my heart..
And those beautiful beautiful eyes..

Look at that innocent face..
How can anyone ever hate her..

If there was someone who came to me and said bad things about her,
i would punch the fella square in the face..
No doubts..

She loves kids..
Which makes me love her even more..

The many faces of Princess Kim YooBin..

Kim YooBin
Wo Ai Ni
Ngo Oi Lei
Je t'aime
Ai shiteru
Te Amo
Te Quiero
Chan Rak Thur

I bought an E71 just so i can online..
Just so i can
Trend #happyYubinDay
on 4th Oct 6pm-12am (GMT+8)
(GMT +8 is Malaysian time)

p/s : i bought To Hebe (finally).
Wonder Girls The First Wonder in Thailand,
2 Different Tears..
I can go online!

(E71 is supposed to make the 'headline' but since it's my princess b'day,
it's pushes to p/s LOL wtf)

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