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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mentos mentos wo ai ni..

Lost my mojo..
Mentos is currently my pain killer..
And i ate so much of the cake that my aunt bake
(in the span of 4days la)
that i lao sai today wtf..
All the way from Johor..
And my aunt is coming down on Deepavali..
Spent my day reading
The fella likes mermaid!
Just like me..

I swear i will not talk to my siblings
if the start to support SNSD/Girls Generation..

SM Responds to SNSD Lip Syncing Critism..
I saw one fellas comment
SONES = Stupid Ones..
I cant disagree..
I cant believe their fans still stand up for them..
I got some comment on this thing..
Tapi i malas nak bagi comment wtf..

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