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Saturday, 30 October 2010

My status as an aunty

My nephew and my brother with his amazon hair..

They call him fei mao coz the think he looks like fei mao..
I think he looks like Crayon Shin Chan..

My niece whose fave food is ice-cream..
She's so damn naughty at times..
But quite cute la..
And she's very curious at the same time..
Always asking cute questions that make me laugh..
If she don't throw tantrum i can buy her anything..
Ice-cream - check,chocolate - check,toys - check,balloon - check..
Thank god i dont spend alot of time with her..

That is a cat building (?) that he is sitting on..

This belongs to the cat too..
Things that people do..

Harry Potter hat..
Where did she learn that from?
My brother..
And my cousin who did the same thing and asked me to take a picture for him..
It's in his phone though..

You're asking "which cousin ?"
The one at the back..
Look at his face..
That would be fei mao's mom..
He whack me coz i took this unflattering picture of her face..
She thought i only capture snap the baby..
If she know my blog i would be dead..

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