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Friday, 1 October 2010

Nasi Lemak

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on 4th Oct 6pm-12am (GMT+8)
(GMT +8 is Malaysian time)
It's my beloved Kim Yoo Bin' Birthday..

Mom made nasi lemak today..
Omg la..
Damn nice the nasi lemak..
Even when i think of it i'm salivating wtf..

Damn cute wei..

Yesterday my boss asked me to help wrap some gifts up..
Don't know what it's for though..
My first thought was :-
"Wtf?! ask me to wrap? Sure look like crap.."
But i surprised myself..
It actually come out quite nice..
All thanks to my ex ex colleague..
She taught me how to wrap presents nice nice..
I used to think i can never work in a place that requires me to wrap presents..

Btw my back is still killing me..
Been a whole week and it's still hurting like mad..
And it doesn't help when you tell your friends and they go:-
"what you did last night huh?"
And your dad telling you :-
"Aiya just mop one floor only back pain ah?"

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