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Saturday, 2 October 2010


Boss' 2nd daughter is here since morning..
But we haven't spoken a word to each other wtf..

I finally created my twitter account yesterday..
In case if you're wondering why jsl90,
its an abbrevation..
I wanted jsl but it was taken (damn you)..

Tomorrow we have to go to a "Family Day" thing..
Venue : the park behind my house..
Time : 9am - 12pm (i think)..
Means i have to get up at like 8.30am wtf..

When i first saw this picture, my first thought was
"OMGWTFBBQ she looks like an angel"
Seriously first time i thought of a person like this..

So cute wtf..
I love that blur face..

Such a gorgeous gorgeous lady..

Those eyes could kill ya'know..
I wish i have her skin tone..

So cute i feel like biting her face..
( yeah i alwats feel like biting cute people/babies face)

- cr :

Twitter users pls help 2 trend #happyYubinDay
on 4th Oct 6pm-12am (GMT+8)
(GMT +8 is Malaysian time)

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