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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Personality Split

Some pictures that are trapped on my comp since last week..
I think so..
Emily your mom..
Last week(?) went to pasar malam with Jaslyn Khew..
We stalked her just to take this picture..

Don't you think this is funny?
A : Help me buy chiffon cake..
B : Ok.. What brand & flavour you want?
A : EH Pandan Chiffon cake..
B : You don't have to eh me..

@ Curve
My brother thinks he's so damn yeng..
Jinjang betul..

An Honest Mistake..
Their songs were not bad..
Went to their err something @ CHCC on Fri with Jas..
Wan Chean was there..
I kinda hyperventilated when i saw her..
Gotta admit though she is kinda lansi..
Free To Fall was not too bad..
I like the drummer..
But we left after 2 band perform..
Went for dinner coz we were damn hungry..
Went for ayam penyek..
Which ended up with swollen lips and watery eyes..

I find this very amusing..
Because it says Cacat.....ZZZZZ

The red one makes my phone look fat..
The orange one make my phone look slim and sophisticated..
I wanna get a few more..

Selina is stronger than everyone thought she was..
I hope she get well soon..
And yeah my blog is in pink..
It's Selina's favourite colour..
I will keep it pink till she recovers completely..

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